Service - Customs Management Solutions

Customs Management Soloutions

We offer a fast and efficient 24/7 Customs Management Solution in all major ports around the world. All clearances are handled by our experienced and dedicated LV Shipping Customs Team, all to ensure that your cargo is processed efficiently and quickly, while reducing your costs and protecting you against potential liabilities.     

Services include:

  • Binding Tariff Information
  • CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures)
  • Duty Management and Consultancy
  • OPR (Outward Processing Relief)
  • Review of Import procedures & rates of duty
  • Tariff Classification

We also offer a Project Customs Service which is essential to any project forwarding, high intensity product handling and high volume shipping requirement. This includes many added value services including consultancy to identify and manage the best regimes for your business and Instant Reporting, to advise you of information that you require, when you require it.

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